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    Russia-speaking clients have the option to work directly with our bilingual real estate lawyer and support staff. We understand that some clients would feel more comfortable speaking in Russian [or Hebrew]. Due to complexity of the real estate transactions and the documents associated, we want to ensure that each client understands what they are signing to the implications of the document. We can assist you with the following services: selling your residential property, refinancing your home, purchasing title insurance, estate planning, buying a new residential or commercial property, applying for rebate, selling your commercial property, reviewing your will, etc. without the need for translators.

    Company Incorporation

    If you are considering setting up a company in North York, Toronto, or a federal company, you should seek guidance from one of our real estate lawyers at MB Law. They will not only help you select the type of corporation that will suit your needs, but also give you tips on the best way to organize your affairs with your short term and long term goals.
    Whether you need assistance to open a new corporation for tax purposes or you are planning on purchasing real estate, opening a new business, or buying a business, call MB Law to assist you with your corporate needs.


    Commercial Lease Review Lawyer
    Commercial Lease Review Lawyer
    Joint Venture Agreements
    First Time Home Buyers
    Russian Speaking Real Estate Lawyer
    Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

    Commercial Lease Review Lawyer

    Commercial lease review is crucial before committing to a long-term contract. It’s often drafted in favor of the landlord. We will review your lease and advise you what clauses used to be added, removed, or redrafted to best suit the needs of your business.


    Joint Venture Agreements

    When signing contracts of partnerships with other companies or individuals, it is important to have your interests defined as clearly as possible to prevent potential conflict in the future. Our lawyers can help in the negotiations; break down the deal and assisting important clauses for you.


    First Time Home Buyers

    First time homebuyers may qualify for a rebate when purchasing a property in Toronto or the rest of the province. Land transfer tax is calculated based on the purchase price. If the property is located in Toronto, the buyer would have to pay two Land transfer taxes. Municipal (Toronto/North York) and provincial. If you are purchasing outside of Toronto, in the GTA, only one land transfer tax would be applicable. As a result, you would qualify for one rebate only.


    Russian Speaking Real Estate Lawyer

    Cultural and language barriers leave individuals who speak English as a second language vulnerable to predatory practices. These barriers also result in financial loss or worse. At MB Law, we have a lawyer who speaks Russian as a first language and can represent clients from Russia and other Russian-speaking nations. Our Russian-speaking lawyer specializes in all areas of property law and can represent clients from North York and Toronto as well as other areas in the GTA.


    Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

    Generally, real estate markets are very complicated. Whether you are buying or selling properties, being involved in this process requires advanced knowledge of the legal elements, financial aspects, and the trends in the real estate market. While a real estate agent can help you find your dream home, we will ensure that we convey your property without any liens or writs.

    At MB Law, we have proactive, experienced real estate teams who offer our clients timely updates as real estate transactions unfold. We are dedicated to making sure that all documents involved in all real estate transactions are error-free and prepared on time to avoid any delay. If you only speak Russian, a Russian real estate lawyer will help you gain a full understanding of every detail included in the mortgage documents and other forms involved in the property acquisition or selling process.


    Our Real Estate Lawyer’s Services Can Bring a Significant Difference

    Selling or purchasing property in North York, Toronto, and other parts of Ontario is a significant investment for most people. An experienced lawyer will change your experience in closing a transaction from a nightmare to a walk in a park. For instance, improper title search or failure to understand the terms of mortgage could mean big problems with the property ownership. Therefore, having professional and dedicated help from an experienced real estate lawyer is in your best interest. After all, real estate transaction steps and paperwork have fine details that can only be interpreted by an experienced real estate lawyer.

    Furthermore, failure to notice tenure in the preliminary stages of the transaction may cause delay in closing. Delay may put you in a default situation, which is a very costly endeavor. Real estate lawyers often offer a wide range of services that align with both residential and commercial property buyers’ and sellers’ needs. Note that different services are included in our custom packages that help our clients handle different aspects of real estate transactions. These include:

    • Sale or purchase of homes, townhouses, or condominiums
    • Securing title insurance coverage for resale
    • Sale and purchase of both commercial properties
    • Preparation of sale and purchase agreements for different real estate transactions
    • Commercial and residential mortgage refinancing
    • Preparing and reviewing commercial and residential leases
    • Private mortgage financing for commercial/residential

    At MB Law, our lawyers are always up-to-date with the relevant real estate laws and regulations. To ensure your property sales or acquisition will be done in accordance with all relevant Canadian laws.

    Purchasing a new home?

    Most new homebuyers are handed a legally APS by the builder that contains complex clauses and are expected to read and sign it. In most cases, the builder will give a purchaser up to 10 days to review the APS. We encourage our clients to bring builder agreements to us as soon as possible.

    If you intend to buy a new property from builders, our lawyer will conduct a thorough review of the contract and make sure that your rights are fully protected. That you are aware of the time lies and most importantly, your rights to assign and tanon warranty.

    They can help you negotiate the amounts of adjustments on closing before your agreement is firm , handle the title search process, handle the entire process of purchasing a new condominium, or a new home from a builder, handle all matters from occupancy stage to conveying your properly.

    Mortgage Preparation

    Our real estate lawyer will represent your best interests from the outset of the residential or commercial property transaction. The entire process involves meeting with you (our client), reviewing your aps and all the terms of mortgage, and making sure that all the paperwork adheres to the previously outlined requirements by the lender.

    Property Closing

    While most transactions do not close electronically, our firm is experienced in handling both electronic and any other transactions, as well as any and all necessary searlus conducted at the land registry office. The newer houses in the GTA rarely require the attendance at the land registry office. However, older properties in Toronto and North York may not yet be converted to electronic system. Our firm will handle your real estate transaction regardless of the location of your property. Our experience will make your purchase or sale transaction close seamlessly.

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    glen McCarthy

    extra care and attention beyond the call of duty and very happy with their professional attitude. No problems,Only Solutions. Finally met someone who cares and is honestly genuine to the core

    Lilly Nikitina

    Maria and her knowledgeable and hardworking staff provided us with excellent service in our property closing. They are easy to reach, answered all questions we had timely and professionally. I would certainly recommend MBLAW to my friends and family. And I will work with them again if I need Real Estate lawyer's help.

    Grigore Toma

    It was such a great pleasure to work with MBLAW and Mariya in particular. I am a non-resident of Canada and Mariya took her time to explain the process of selling the property and tax implications after closing. She referred me to a great accountant who was able to get the certificate in record time. Mariya went above and beyond her call as my lawyer to help me. The buyer has some post-closing issues but Mariya was able to handle the situation with minimal cost to me. Very dedicated and professional. Would recommend 100%! Thank you, Mariya! You and your company are the best!

    Malvina MR

    We have closed our real estate transaction with Mariya. Mariya is very professional and competent legal practitioner who is always ready to answer questions and help. Her final report was impeccable! I highly recommend her firm and real estate services to anyone!

    Yulia Pesin

    I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking a real estate lawyer. Mariya is very knowledgeable, personable and is easy to reach. She goes above and beyond to answer all client questions and inquiries and ensures that clients' transactions go through smoothly and without a hitch. Her staff is also helpful, friendly and very responsive. Overall a great firm!

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