Reasons Your Law Firm Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic



    4 Reasons Your Law Firm Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic (And How to Fix It)

    Your law firm website traffic numbers are wanting. You feel like you’ve done everything. From writing numerous blogs to adding keywords, but the numbers are saying otherwise. Could there be something wrong? Fortunately for you, there are experts at dNovo Group who specialize in law firm marketing and can address all the reasons behind your traffic-poor website. This article will go over 4 of the most common reasons we’ve seen that cause law firm websites to perform poorly and what you can do to fix them.

    Low-quality backlinks

    Back linking can have a negative impact on your law firm website if you don’t have many sites linking back to you or if you have low-quality backlinks. It’s imperative to link to credible sources – domains that have heaps of authority in the legal field. In fact, having no backlinks at all is one of the top reasons you’re not getting any traffic from Google. A simple technique you can implement is blog commenting. You may also consider guest posting on popular blog sites in your industry.

    Poor keyword targeting

    If you are targeting broad keywords with high search volumes and a lot of competition, you might never rank for them. It’s hard to beat competitors like Amazon and WebMD for general keywords. Stay away from keywords that are out of your league and instead focus on long-tail keywords that are highly specific and you have a much higher chance of ranking for. Use these phrases to grow your authority before you start competing for the competitive keywords with high search volumes.

    Your content is mediocre

    You may have great marketing tactics, but this doesn’t mean anything if your content is mediocre. People visit your law firm website to read the information you’ve posted. Getting them to visit your website is one thing but making them stay is another.

    Some general guidelines to avoid mediocre content and publish relevant, high-quality posts consistently include:

    • Make your paragraphs short and breakdown long-form content into readable chunks
    • Avoid fluff
    • Use text variations like bold and italics to emphasize certain points
    • Use media like images and videos within content
    • Include references and real-life data
    • Add sources and links to back up your claims


    You’re creating content & not promoting it

    Even if you manage to consistently create high-quality blog posts every week, you may not generate a nice flow of traffic if you don’t promote that content. It’s hard for law firm websites with little to no authority to just publish their content and get lots of traffic trickling in. it’s like hitting the publish button and hoping that someone will find your post and read it. No matter how groundbreaking your law firm’s content is, no one will ever find it in search engines if you don’t aggressively promote it. You can leverage influencer marketing and social media promotions to get your content out there.

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