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    MB Law – your Vaughan real estate lawyer, comprises of a legal team dedicated to assisting the Vaughan community to buy and sell real estate property.  This is where we excel. Our legal team prides itself on industry knowledge, experience and rapid response which insure that our clients are properly represented and ensure the transaction will close on time. Along the way, we handle all the processes related to the deal including land transfer tax, property taxes and other miscellaneous components.

    Our real estate lawyer office has been in business for more than a decade, forging relationships with real estate agents, private & institutional lenders, lawyers, and title insurance companies. We are focused, efficient and committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients.

    The MB Law team shares a common vision of commitment to the client and thorough transaction management and control. We have helped hundreds of people to transact in commercial and residential property. Our experienced and qualified team has earned community trust by ensuring that all critical deadlines are met and dispensing professional advice on all property transactions.


    Our Services

    Buying and selling property can get complicated. MB Law provides outstanding legal services ensuring that real estate law related transactions run smoothly. Our legal and support teams work tirelessly to protect our clients’ interests. They are committed to the delivery of reliable and timely legal services.

    • Land title search
    • Commercial purchasing
    • Residential buying
    • Commercial selling
    • Residential selling
    • Refinancing
    • Tittle Transfers
    • Assignment sales
    • Private mortgages
    • Agreement Review
    Our Services

    Real Estate Lawyer Vaughan

    • Mortgage Refinance

      Mortgage refinancing involves acquiring a new mortgage to consolidate debt and reduce the burden of interest. This is a complex process and requires the input of an experienced real estate lawyer, who understands all the requirements and pitfalls. Our legal team will ensure that the transactions are promptly and efficiently completed and that the rights and interests of the client are protected.
      MB Law helps clients create a reliable debt-repayment strategy to be certain that the client is able to meet the required repayments.

    • HST Rebates

      If you have recently purchased a condominium or a home from a builder in Vaughan for investment purposes, you may be wondering whether you qualify for a refund under the new housing HST rebate. These regulations may seem clear to some, but if the claim is not correctly completed you may become ineligible even if guidelines suggest otherwise.
      An experienced real estate lawyer can ensure that you get what you deserve when it comes to HST rebates. If you have already completed the transaction and have not applied for the rebate, our lawyers can help you to make a claim.

    • Independent Legal Advice

      Ontario courts prefer individuals purchasing real estate to have procured independent legal advice regarding adverse outcomes potentially arising from real estate tractions. Contact one of our lawyers to receive assistance reviewing agreements of purchase and sale. Receive personalized advice for your unique real estate purchase situation, with a full understanding of the result.

    • Title Transfers

      A qualified real estate lawyer must handle the title transfer process. This ensures proper documentation of changes in property ownership while preserving the relevant rights pertaining to the Family Law Act rights. Whether you are adding a family member on title, or removing someone from the existing property, our team can help.
      No matter the reasons an experienced real estate lawyer will ensure that the transfer is properly executed. Property is a valuable asset and should be protected.

    • Private Mortgages

      Private mortgages are generally easy to obtain. For borrowers there are also fewer application requirements when compared to traditional mortgages. These loans are common among borrowers whose mortgage applications are rejected by traditional lenders or who want mortgage services tailored to their needs.
      MB Law firm has represented borrowers and private lenders for many years. Private mortgages are associated with higher risks for the lenders so they can get complicated. An experienced lawyer will help to overcome any complications and make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the contract.
      Your lawyer will review your mortgage commitment before you sign it and inform you if there are hidden clauses that could complicate the loan repayment process or diminish your rights. If you are planning on getting a private mortgage, be sure to consult with a legal professional who specializes in private mortgages to protect your interests and rights.

    • Business Incorporation

      Incorporating a business can be a challenging process. It requires careful analysis of various factors to determine how to incorporate the business properly. A provincially-incorporated company has a legal right to operate in the province in which it was incorporated. By contrast, a federally incorporated business has the right to carry out its activities in all provinces.
      Our experienced lawyer can help you to review your company model and shed more light on whether to incorporate your business federally or provincially.

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    A Real Estate Transaction!

    Vaughan Real Estate Lawyers Who Value Your Trust


    We have practiced real estate law for more than a decade. We have built our business by developing a relationship of trust with clients. We always ensure that we conduct ourselves professionally through all our transactions.


    Our team of real estate professionals speaks Hebrew, English, and Russian. The multilingual environment ensures that our clients understand the fine print before they sign on the bottom line.


    We strive to address any potential issues before they arise and respond to all possible challenges before the closing date. This eliminates stress, giving our clients peace of mind.


    Real estate is the largest financial transaction most people will ever make. For this reason, it pays to be thorough. We work with our clients to ensure that all property-related transactions are handled professionally and on time.


    At MB Law, our greatest reward is our clients’ satisfaction. We are passionate about what we do, and we are fully committed to bringing that passion to each of our client’s transactions.

    Personal Attention

    Our staff understands the importance of these property transactions, so we are never too busy to take a call or to offer advice.

    Cultivating Relationships

    MB Law’s primary objective is to forge long-term relationships that do not end when property-related transactions close. By understanding our clients’ needs and objectives, we can successfully serve them now, and in the future.


    Our primary objective is to ensure that we enable the professional completion of all property-related transactions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the seller sue the buyer for backing out?

    Yes, a seller can sue a buyer if they back of a contract for reasons that do not fall within the parameters of what’s acceptable in the agreement or without invoking their rights under a contingency. A buyer can be sued by the buyer to essentially force the sale or for damages.

    Who gets the deposit if/when the buyer backs out?

    A buyer may default on their commitment or fail to adhere to a specific time frame relating to the real estate sale. The deposit, in such a situation, is retained by the seller. The buyer is only owed the deposit if they back out for a reason that relates to one of their contingencies, as indicated in the contract.

    Do I need a lawyer for mortgage renewal?

    You do not need a lawyer to renew your mortgage. To renew a mortgage, you simply have to contact your lender, review existing financial documents and your current financial situation, and determine if you are eligible for a renewal. Assuming you are eligible, the work is done between you and your bank, without the involvement of any legal representative. Although you can have a lawyer to ask guidance from if there are any issues, for the most part, one isn’t needed.

    Can I share a lawyer with the seller of the house I’m interested in?

    Yes, a lawyer can be shared between buyer and seller. There is no rule against that, however, it is not recommended as a conflict of interest may arise. Furthermore, if the lawyer knows something about the seller that would be advantageous to the buyer, they may share it at the disadvantage of the seller, or vice versa. It is much easier to have a lawyer that is not shared.

    How long will it take to hire quality real estate lawyer?

    You may want to consult with a few firms, outlining what you need from them through in-person appointments. When you meet with a lawyer, you can ask questions and develop a relationship, and see how comfortable you feel. You will also want to check online reviews and ask around about a firm’s reputation before deciding to hire a real estate lawyer in Vaughan. This is a very important choice and can have a significant impact over your real estate agreement. Choose a lawyer that’s equipped with the knowledge and trust to work in your interests, and maximize your return.

    Do I need to consult Vaughan real estate lawyers before signing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale?

    Yes. When you are about to sign a real estate agreement, consult with a trusted and experienced lawyer beforehand. They may be able to see things that you can’t, to your advantage, and be willing to add terms and conditions in your favor. A lawyer can clarify anything that is unclear to you and point out things that could be an issue, ensuring the purchase and sale is aligned with what you want to walk away from the agreement with.

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      MB Law | Real Estate Lawyer In Toronto

      glen McCarthy

      extra care and attention beyond the call of duty and very happy with their professional attitude. No problems,Only Solutions. Finally met someone who cares and is honestly genuine to the core

      Lilly Nikitina

      Maria and her knowledgeable and hardworking staff provided us with excellent service in our property closing. They are easy to reach, answered all questions we had timely and professionally. I would certainly recommend MBLAW to my friends and family. And I will work with them again if I need Real Estate lawyer's help.

      Grigore Toma

      It was such a great pleasure to work with MBLAW and Mariya in particular. I am a non-resident of Canada and Mariya took her time to explain the process of selling the property and tax implications after closing. She referred me to a great accountant who was able to get the certificate in record time. Mariya went above and beyond her call as my lawyer to help me. The buyer has some post-closing issues but Mariya was able to handle the situation with minimal cost to me. Very dedicated and professional. Would recommend 100%! Thank you, Mariya! You and your company are the best!

      Malvina MR

      We have closed our real estate transaction with Mariya. Mariya is very professional and competent legal practitioner who is always ready to answer questions and help. Her final report was impeccable! I highly recommend her firm and real estate services to anyone!

      Yulia Pesin

      I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking a real estate lawyer. Mariya is very knowledgeable, personable and is easy to reach. She goes above and beyond to answer all client questions and inquiries and ensures that clients' transactions go through smoothly and without a hitch. Her staff is also helpful, friendly and very responsive. Overall a great firm!

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