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    Our real estate lawyers understand that your real estate transactions deserve attention, focus, forethought, and efficiency. For almost a decade, MB Law has helped thousands of families in Richmond Hill handle the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties, and notarization.

    The lawyers at MB Law work hard to protect our clients’ interests and legal rights for all relevant business and real estate transactions. Our team has forged lasting relationships with title insurance companies, real estate agents, lawyers, and institutional lenders to ensure all property transactions go smoothly for our clients.

    Our team of experienced lawyers, support staff, and clerks shares a common vision in facilitating property transactions for our clients. Their main objective is to ensure your interests are fully protected, and all critical deadlines are met. No matter the nature of transactions you need help with, you can count on our abilities, many years of experience, and commitment to providing excellent legal services.


    MB Law Advantage

    At MB Law, we believe that professional legal guidance should be available to everyone, no matter the complexity of their property transactions. Our real estate lawyers prefer a customer-oriented approach, combined with many years of experience and a wealth of industry-specific knowledge.

    PROFESSIONAL: Our ability to anticipate and understand all liabilities associated with properties facilitates the provision of complication-free and timely legal services.

    PUNCTUAL: Our ability to anticipate and understand all liabilities associated with properties facilitates the provision of complication-free and timely legal services.

    EXPERIENCE: Having helped thousands of clients in the past nine years, our lawyers have ascertained experience in the property law field. Our in-house legal staff combines this level of experience with their wealth of knowledge to deliver reliable legal services.

    Our Services

    Generally, buying and selling properties can be a stressful undertaking. This is why we provide reliable services and ensure all your real estate transactions are handled professionally. We treat each of our clients as one of us, delivering excellent legal services. MB Law team would be pleased to offer an initial consultation for your real estate business needs.

    • Land title search
    • Commercial purchasing
    • Residential buying
    • Commercial Selling
    • Residential selling
    • Refinancing
    • Title transfers
    • Assignment sales
    • Private mortgages
    • Condo/ Home Review Services
    Our Services

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    Real Estate Lawyer Richmond Hill


    For close to a decade, we have been practicing real estate law. Our experience and wealth of knowledge in this field allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations in every real estate transaction we help handle.

    Personal Attention

    We will never be too busy to handle your needs. Our experienced lawyers are just a call away to respond to your concerns and questions regarding real estate transactions.


    You can count on us for step-by-guidance, whether you’re an experienced or first-time real estate buyer. We aim to minimize stress and other challenges associated with property transactions.


    We have lawyers and client support staff who speak fluent Russian, English, and Hebrew. This makes it easy for our clients to understand the property acquisition or selling process and the paperwork they’re supposed to sign. We prioritize your interests and peace of mind.


    Our lawyers strive to address potential problems before they arise. Also, they work tirelessly to streamline your property-related transactions, giving you peace of mind.

    Cultivating Relationships

    We aim to establish lasting relationships that don’t end once your property transactions close. We focus on understanding our clients’ short-term and long-term strategies. This helps us to serve their future needs successfully.


    Our greatest achievement is seeing happy customers. We’re passionate about everything we do and are dedicated to bringing this passion to each of our client’s property-related transactions.

    Cost - Effective

    Property transactions involve a considerable amount of financial resources, which is why we will work with you to ensure you get the highest possible value for every dollar you spend.

    Real Estate Lawyer In Richmond Hill

    Mortgage Refinance
    Mortgage Refinance
    Title Transfers
    HST Rebates
    Private Mortgages
    Business Incorporation
    Mortgage Refinance

    Mortgage Refinance

    Economic challenges can make it difficult for individuals to meet their mortgage obligations. An unstable economy and the ever-increasing interest rates are making it difficult for some property buyers to repay their loans. In such situations, mortgage refinancing could be a solution to your financial woes. An experienced real estate lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of mortgage refinancing.
    Mortgage refinancing allows you to obtain a new mortgage in an attempt to lower your interest rates, reduce monthly payments through debt consolidation, change mortgage lenders, or take cash out of your property for large purchases. Some of our clients get a mortgage to refinance to switch from an adjustable-rate loan to a fixed-rate loan or repay their loan faster. Regardless of your reasons to choose mortgage refinancing, you can rely on our nine years of experience and wealth of knowledge in mortgage refinancing. Our lawyers are just a call away to help you get a mortgage refinancing.


    Title Transfers

    Only experienced real estate lawyers should handle title transfer issues. This is important to ensure proper documentation of the transfer of property ownership and ensure Family Law Act rights are preserved. As a client, you may require title transfers for many reasons. Also, a lender may require a title transfer due to qualification reasons.
    Whatever your reasons to request a title transfer, you can rely on our professionalism and commitment to offering reliable legal counsel to our clients. Your property is one of your most expensive assets and should be fully protected in your estate plan or will. MB Law has been offering various service packages for families who bought or sold properties with us, and we also welcome new clients.
    Whatever your reasons to request a title transfer, you can rely on our professionalism and commitment to offering reliable legal counsel to our clients. Your property is one of your most expensive assets and should be fully protected in your estate plan or will. MB Law has been offering various service packages for families who bought or sold properties with us, and we also welcome new clients.

    HST Rebates

    HST Rebates

    If you purchased a property in Richmond Hill recently, you might be wondering if you qualify for refunds under the new housing HST rebate. While these regulations may sound simple, they could deem you ineligible if done incorrectly, even if the requirements suggest otherwise.
    In such cases, it’s best to consult with an experienced real estate lawyer to know more about your eligibility. For individuals who have already completed the property purchase transaction but have not gained from the rebate, we can still help them handle the related paperwork.

    Mortgage Refinance

    Private Mortgages

    Private lending has grown in the past five to ten years. One unusual factor driving this growth is that some borrowers are turned down by the traditional lenders or simply want a mortgage option tailored to their needs. Private mortgages are easy to acquire and are associated with fewer requirements for borrowers. They are also costlier and have a somewhat shorter payback period.
    MB Law has helped thousands of clients to manage transactions involving private mortgages, representing both borrowers and private lenders as well. We emphasize that private mortgages carry higher risks for borrowers and lenders alike, which is why the parties involved must consult with a specialist to review mortgage commitments before signing. Our property lawyers will inform you if a private lender’s contract has hidden clauses that could diminish your rights or make it challenging for you to repay the loan in the future.


    Business Incorporation

    Generally, incorporating a company could be a complicated procedure. It requires the business owner to analyze different factors before they decide how to best incorporate them. Note that a federally incorporated business has the legal rights to carry out its activities in all provinces.
    However, a provincially-incorporated business has the right to carry out its activities in the province where it was incorporated. The lawyers at MB Law can help you analyze your business plan and model and decide where you can best incorporate your company.


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    MB Law | Real Estate Lawyer In Toronto

    glen McCarthy

    extra care and attention beyond the call of duty and very happy with their professional attitude. No problems,Only Solutions. Finally met someone who cares and is honestly genuine to the core

    Lilly Nikitina

    Maria and her knowledgeable and hardworking staff provided us with excellent service in our property closing. They are easy to reach, answered all questions we had timely and professionally. I would certainly recommend MBLAW to my friends and family. And I will work with them again if I need Real Estate lawyer's help.

    Grigore Toma

    It was such a great pleasure to work with MBLAW and Mariya in particular. I am a non-resident of Canada and Mariya took her time to explain the process of selling the property and tax implications after closing. She referred me to a great accountant who was able to get the certificate in record time. Mariya went above and beyond her call as my lawyer to help me. The buyer has some post-closing issues but Mariya was able to handle the situation with minimal cost to me. Very dedicated and professional. Would recommend 100%! Thank you, Mariya! You and your company are the best!

    Malvina MR

    We have closed our real estate transaction with Mariya. Mariya is very professional and competent legal practitioner who is always ready to answer questions and help. Her final report was impeccable! I highly recommend her firm and real estate services to anyone!

    Yulia Pesin

    I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking a real estate lawyer. Mariya is very knowledgeable, personable and is easy to reach. She goes above and beyond to answer all client questions and inquiries and ensures that clients' transactions go through smoothly and without a hitch. Her staff is also helpful, friendly and very responsive. Overall a great firm!

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