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    New Home HST Rebate in Ontario

    Purchase price of a re-sale property in Ontario includes HST, but,  a purchase of a residential property from a builder may have additional HST implications. If you are purchasing a new residential property from a builder and you or your immediate family member intend to occupy it as your primary residence, you may qualify for an HST rebate. Typically, the New Home Rebate is assigned to the builder by the purchaser of the new home. Subsequently, the builder credits the purchaser with the amount of the rebate, if available, on closing. Thus eliminating additional HST at closing.

    Buyers of investment residential properties and second homes will not qualify for the rebates if the new home is not intended to be the primary place of residence of the buyer or of a relation. If you are buying the property for investment purposes, the builder will charge an addition HST that could exceed $24,000.00. This amount is in addition to your closing costs and cannot be included in your mortgage.

    Ontario New Residential Rental Property Rebate (NRRPR)

    If you are purchasing a residential property with an intention of renting it out as a long term investment, you  may be eligible to claim the New Residential Rental Property rebate for Provincial and some of the Federal part of the HST. Most notably, the property must be rented out for more than one year, the rebate will not be credited to the purchase, the purchaser will have to pay it on closing and claim it from Canada Revenue directly. The process how to obtain the rebate for the buyer is explained to the buyer at closing.  The buyer will be required to deliver the following documents to the vendor at closing:

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    HST Housing Rebate Lawyer in Ontario

    The detailed procedure for the buyer to obtain this benefit is set out in most new home agreements. It must be explained to the buyer at closing because the buyer will be required to deliver the following documents to the vendor at closing:

    • the CRA GST/HST new housing rebate application;
    • an assignment of the new housing rebate to the builder;
    • a sworn statement that the new home will be the buyer’s or a relation’s primary residence;
    • the buyer’s promise to indemnify the vendor for the rebate amounts if the rebate application
      is rejected by the CRA.

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    NRRP & New Home HST Rebate Application Why Choose Us ?

    The New Home HST Rebate in Ontario application must be filed within two years of a new home closing date or the completion of the renovation. NRRP rebates and new home HST rebates are typically received from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) within two months. The CRA may delay or deny the application if the requested documents are not submitted with your application, the application form is not properly completed, or the rebate calculation is incorrect. With over 9 years of experience, our team can assist you in understanding whether you are eligible for a refund. If you have already completed the purchase, we can still assist you in filling out the necessary forms.

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