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    Our law firm is primarily dedicated to serving real estate clients. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with private and institutional lenders, real estate agents, title insurance companies and other lawyers to help insure that transactions go smooth and headache free for our clients. Everyone at MBLaw – from our support staff, to our clerks through to our lawyers – share the common vision in handling client transactions. Our goal is to ensure that we meet deadlines and respect our clients wishes while effectively reaching a swift resolution.


    MB Law Advantage

    We believe that quality legal advice should be available to the general public regardless of the nature and/ or size of their transaction. Our staff place high value in customer oriented approach, combined with industry knowledge and experience.

    EXPERIENCED – Having encountered countless scenarios, we have ascertained experience in the real estate law field. At MB Law we want to combine that with our knowledge to pass on to our clients.

    PUNCTUAL – The ability to anticipate and be aware of any and all liabilities associated with a property, is vital in order to provide a legal service that is both timely and avoids complications. We at MB Law strive to do just that.

    PROFESSIONAL – There are specific guidelines and due diligence processes that exist in any legal field, especially real estate. By running a title search on order to check that there are no covenants, liens or easements registered against a property is just one example of this.

    Our Services

    While buying or selling a property could be stressful, we at MB Law will take upon ourselves to provide the best service and make your real estate transaction headache free. Our staff work hard to protect the legal rights of their clients for all their real estate and business transactions. We treat each of our clients as we would a member of our family and friends, making sure to deliver outstanding, client focused service. We would be pleased to provide you with an initial consultation for all your real estate and business needs.

    • Residential Purchasing
    • Residential Selling
    • Commercial Purchasing
    • Commercial Selling
    • Refinancing
    • Land Title Search
    • Tittle Transfers
    • Private Mortgages
    • Assignment Sales
    • Condo/ Home Review Services.
    Our Services

    Protecting YOUR Interests in A Real Estate Transaction!

    We Take Your Trust
    In Our Firm Very Seriously

    Real Estate Lawyer North York


    9 years of experience practicing primarily real estate law. We go above and beyond for each client and treating each transaction as our own.

    Personal Attention

    We are never too busy for our clients. Our Lawyers are a call or an email away to answer any questions.


    Step by step guidance whether you are first time buyer or seasoned investors. Our job is to minimize your stress during the transaction.


    We speak English, Russian and Hebrew, to ensure that you understand the process and the paperwork that you are signing. Your piece of mind is our priority.


    Addressing any potential issues before they arise and try to address problems before the closing date to reduce your stress and give you options.

    Cultivating Relationships

    Our goal is to build lasting relationships that does not end when your real estate transaction closes. By knowing our clients and their goals we can better serve their future needs.


    Our greatest reward is seeing happy clients. We love what we do and we are committed to bringing the same passion to each and every single one of our clients transactions.

    Cost - Effective

    With Real Estate being the single largest monetary transaction one makes, it pays to be thorough. We work with clients who share the same values and appreciate the cost involved.


    Serving Greater Toronto Area

    Mortgage Refinance

    Mortgage Refinance

    Most of the time, clients will find themselves hiring a real estate lawyer to guide them through the labyrinth of procedures involved in mortgage refinancing. While refinance transaction sounds quite simple, it often is not. We assist clients to pay out their credit debts, consumer proposals & variety of liens that are affecting their title. Lenders want to ensure that the lawyer who you picked can and will protect the lenders interest as well as yours. In some cases, the bank may offer a client an option to refinance through their internal legal department. While this may sound appealing, due to the volume of transactions by the bank, your file is not a priority as it would be with us. We will close your refinance transaction in a timely manner while ensuring that all your needs have been met.


    Title Transfers

    Only a qualified real estate lawyer should conduct title transfers. This is to ensure there is accurate documentation of the change of ownership as well as making sure family law act rights are preserved. Title transfer may be needed for several reasons. Your mortgage lender may require a little transfer because of financial reasons. A client may choose to add or remove an individual from your title for estate planning purposes. Whatever your reasons are, schedule an appointment. Once you have purchased a home, it is your greatest asset and should be protected in a will. We offer great packages for families who purchased & sold real estate with us as well as constantly welcoming new families.

    HST Rebates

    HST Rebates

    If you are a new homebuyer (Toronto or North York) who purchased a home or condominium from a builder, you may be wondering if you are eligible for some refund under the new housing HST rebate. The guidelines may seem clear but there are requirements that could deem you ineligible or eligible even if regulations suggest otherwise. It would be advisable to get in touch with our lawyer to find out your eligibility. If you have already completed the purchase, we can still assist you with filling out the necessary forms.


    Private Mortgages

    Private mortgages are quicker to obtain and generally have fewer application requirements for the borrower, but they are costlier and have a shorter payback period. Our firm has extensive experience representing private lenders as well as borrowers. Private mortgages carry heavy risks for borrowers as well as lenders. Private mortgage transactions are complex for all parties involved. The borrowers should get an experienced lawyer to review their mortgage commitment before they sign it. We will let you know if there are any hidden clauses that will hinder your borrowing and repayment. Private lawyers should also seek advice from an experienced lawyer to protect their investment and to ensure that it is secured against the borrowing property.


    Business Incorporation

    Incorporating a business can be a complex process. It requires you to consider different factors before finalizing how to incorporate. We at MB Law can help you in efficiently incorporating your business to ensure that your needs and the needs of your company are met.


    Google Reviews

    MB Law | Real Estate Lawyer In Toronto

    glen McCarthy

    extra care and attention beyond the call of duty and very happy with their professional attitude. No problems,Only Solutions. Finally met someone who cares and is honestly genuine to the core

    Lilly Nikitina

    Maria and her knowledgeable and hardworking staff provided us with excellent service in our property closing. They are easy to reach, answered all questions we had timely and professionally. I would certainly recommend MBLAW to my friends and family. And I will work with them again if I need Real Estate lawyer's help.

    Grigore Toma

    It was such a great pleasure to work with MBLAW and Mariya in particular. I am a non-resident of Canada and Mariya took her time to explain the process of selling the property and tax implications after closing. She referred me to a great accountant who was able to get the certificate in record time. Mariya went above and beyond her call as my lawyer to help me. The buyer has some post-closing issues but Mariya was able to handle the situation with minimal cost to me. Very dedicated and professional. Would recommend 100%! Thank you, Mariya! You and your company are the best!

    Malvina MR

    We have closed our real estate transaction with Mariya. Mariya is very professional and competent legal practitioner who is always ready to answer questions and help. Her final report was impeccable! I highly recommend her firm and real estate services to anyone!

    Yulia Pesin

    I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking a real estate lawyer. Mariya is very knowledgeable, personable and is easy to reach. She goes above and beyond to answer all client questions and inquiries and ensures that clients' transactions go through smoothly and without a hitch. Her staff is also helpful, friendly and very responsive. Overall a great firm!

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